Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feed Critters, Entertain Kids

My oldest loves animals. We get a fair amount of squirrels and birds in our yard all year round. So why not make projects with kids to feed the animals in the winter?

Squirrels are easy. Buy some dried corn on the cob and twine. Tie one end on the corn, the other on the branch of a tree. If you want to fancy it up, add a cute ribbon bow to the top.

Birds have a few more options. Birds around in the winter typically eat seeds. If you have a pine tree near by or some pine cones laying around, you can go with the traditional peanut butter spread on, and rolled in seeds. Then hang and enjoy. Another idea is to use oranges!

Take a clementine or an orange. Slice it. Use yarn and a large needle to tie the orange slices together.  Thread the yarn through each slice a few times to ensure it is sturdy and hang from a tree. A little pop of color in an otherwise dreary, snowy yard.

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