Thursday, March 3, 2011

Edible Teacups

For each teacup, you'll need:
  • Cup-style wafer ice cream cone
  • Round sugar or shortbread cookie
  • Decorator's icing
  • 2 gummy rings candies
  • Assorted candies, popcorn, or trail mix to fill the teacup
1. Use a serrated knife to carefully cut the cup portion of the ice cream cone from the handle (an adult's job). Discard the handle and set the cup aside for now.
2. Place a gummy ring candy on the center of the cookie, using decorator's icing to "glue" it in place.
3. Set the ice cream cone cup on top of the gummy ring. Again, use a thin line of decorator's icing to hold the cone in place, if needed.
4. For a teacup handle, slice the second gummy ring in half. Gently press the cut ends of one of the candy halves against the cone to stick the handle in place.
5. Fill the cup with a few candies or other snacks, and it's teatime!

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