Friday, March 25, 2011

Wallpaper Awesome

Need some desktop freshening up? I have 5 sites to get free fun and funky wallpapers.
Deviant Art is a plethora of creativity. The link is for a search of wallpapers. Under each piece is a subcatergory. So if you only want photo wallpapers or abstract, you can find what you want.
Cute, weird, and fun. These are 200x200 squares meant to be tiled for your wallpaper. Click on any of the pics, then click on the black and yellow arrows to open the tile for downloading.

They are exactly as their name implies. Lots of sleek, simple, clever desktops.
Weird. That's the best word for most of these wallpapers. But cool too.
This one just became my desktop.  :)
Beautiful nature wallpapers beyond typical beaches.

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  1. OOOOh! Thanks for the site! Love it! I also use He has some really great stuff.


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