Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love eggs. Almost as much as I love garlic. I can make eggs a ton of different ways. Usually my favorite is over easy, cooked with garlic and parsley, and melted shredded cheddar on top. It's delicious. Like mixing the seasoning & cheese from an omelet, but keeping the awesome, runny yolk. Add a side of ham and toast or a bagel and I'm in breakfast heaven.

Anyhoo, I found a new recipe for eggs that I've never tried before. Scotch Eggs. I think it will go over well in my house.
Recipe from

* 16oz sausage meat 
* 4 eggs (plus an extra one, beaten)
* About a quarter cup of bread crumbs
* A couple of inches of oil (I used canola) in a big pan

1. First of all, you boil the eggs until they're hard; I think I did it for around eight minutes. Then you peel them and put them to one side.
2. Next comes the gross part. Divide your sausage into four sections and wrap each section around an egg. Yes, it's just as horrifying as it sounds. You are basically making a sphere of meat.
3. Try not to think about it. Instead think about how delicious it's going to taste when these Scotch Eggs are cooked. Do not think about the fact that you just called something a "sphere of meat."
3. Dip each sphere of meat---whoops!---into the beaten egg and then into the breadcrumbs to coat. There's something kind of weird about dipping an egg into another form of egg, isn't there? It's like cannibalization or something.
4. Turn the heat up high with your oil in the pan. Drop your sausage-covered eggs in there and let those babies fry. Yes, you are indeed deep-frying something in your own kitchen. Oh my god, you belong at a carnival.
5. With a long fork or something, keep turning the eggs around in the oil so that they get evenly cooked and coated. Once the breadcrumbs are a deep golden color, turn the heat off and remove the eggs from the pan.
6. Slice them open. Egg and meat surprise!

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  1. Oh, my hubby can't wait for the Renaissance Faire each year... just so that he can get another scotch egg!


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