Friday, March 4, 2011

Robot Bean Bag Toss

Go to for a cute tutorial on how to make a robot for a bean bag toss!

Fun, right? It inspired me to make my own bean bag toss. My daughter would tear apart that robot in 5 minutes and it too young to make one. but a bean bag toss would still be great for a 2 year old!

First, I tasked myself with making bean bags. The problem? I'm really bad with a sewing machine. I couldn't get it to work. I had my mom come over to help me. She's a great quilter. Apparently I threaded the machine wrong. oops! I had the fabric squares to make 6 bean bags, and a big bag of dried pinto beans. Should be easy, right? Nope! I gave up after 3 because the thread kept getting caught or coming out of the needle. They don't look great, but they work.

Next what to do about the 'game' part of it all. I pulled out a big foam sheet. Yellow of course, as it's Phoebe's favorite color. I used markers and foam stickers to create a mat. Not my best work, and the stickers were already pulled off once by my lovely daughter. Promise not to laugh? Here it is.

I decided to work with her shapes and counting. The game is that she tosses the bean bag on what I tell her. Be it the heart shape, or the shape that  has 2 ladybugs. So far she just wants to pull the stickers off and try to make the mat fly...but she does like the bean bags! Oh well. At least I tried.

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